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Tripp Evans VS Tom Bravo

Hard great match Evans vs Bravo

It's been a long time since we had an intercontinental fight around here.

The arrogant Tripp Evans makes his appearance in Spain to challenge the hunkswrestling roster. His debut match will be against bodybuilder Tom Bravo, given the similarity in build between the two.
Tripp, originally from Connecticut, already has previous experience of wrestling from his matches in USA, and has decided that he is good enough to humiliate the Spanish hunks, but Tom won't make it easy for him.
Despite the obvious difference in size, Tripp will not make it easy for the Spaniard, to the point of forcing him to take a "nap" during the fight. A stunned Tom will recover to resume the fight, this time with more fury and forcefulness. It can be seen in these details that Tripp comes with his homework done from the other continent, including an average level of Spanish to be able to mock his opponent, but Tom already has more experience than in his first fights, so this match is worth  to be analyzed.

It will not be Tripp's only fight in his adventures through Spain, so those of you who followed him before, do not stop following his career as a special guest in hunkswrestling, we will see what the young american guy man is capable of doing!

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