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TEENS BATTLE 2 - Jonathan Alvarez vs Nacho

A lot of testosterone and youthful impetuosity!

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Happy 2024 everyone!
I hope you have had a good start to the year and Christmas with your loved ones.
We start the year with a lot of testosterone and youthful impetuosity!
Nothing less than with Teens Battle 2, in other words, the rematch between Jonathan and Nacho.
It is true that Jonathan is one of the most impulsive, competitive and energetic, so if we combine that same formula with an opponent his age, the result is a very explosive fight, since Nacho has the same characteristics. He was left wanting revenge after losing against Jonathan in his first fight, but this time he will keep a few tricks up his sleeve to counteract the size of his opponent.
And we're not just talking about his Muay Thai knowledge, but we might see some low blows that Jonathan won't like at all!
Can Jonathan counter these dirty tactics to claim victory for him for the second time in a row? We can find out at the end of the fight.
Highly recommended video for fans of combativeness and youthful testosterone,
Have a good week!
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