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Sven Lund vs Steve Mason

SVEN: his strength was equivalent to that of a silver gorilla.

Hello everyone. I hope you have been well. We are getting into the swing of things with the new additions, and this time we have bodybuilder Sven Lund back.
Jonathan was the first to challenge him, and although this time it is my turn to test him in the fight, Jonathan has not been able to avoid a second challenge to an arm wrestling match to redeem himself after his first fight.
I came to underestimate Sven in certain aspects. I thought he would just be a gorilla with brutal strength but no technique at all, but it seems he had done his homework too.
He was able to break free in the brief moments that I gained an advantageous position, and as I have said before, his strength was equivalent to that of a silver gorilla.
In addition, this bodybuilder is quite sadistic, and it is difficult to erase the ruthless smile from him. Maybe Jonathan and I made a mistake by challenging him, but every man must accept any challenge no matter how hard it may seem, that is my philosophy.
Likewise, I hope that Sven visits us again in another more open scenario to apply a better strategy against him, since big and strong guys like him are much more dangerous in closed spaces.
What do you think? Would you like to have Sven back for a rematch or to challenge the rest of the HW fighters?
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