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Sven Lund vs Jonathan Alvarez

Sven Lund VS Jonathan Alvarez

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Most of us have had to look for part-time work to pay for school in our 20s, as Jonathan is rightly doing. What I am sure of is that you have never dealt with clients like Sven Lund.
When Jonathan says that he is the strongest waiter in the place, Sven taunts him by asking "Which one?", assuming that Jonathan was not talking about himself.
Despite Sven's obvious bodybuilder build, Jonathan considered him a good challenge, both for fighting and arm wrestling.
What the young man did not count on is that in addition to strength, Sven would also come with some technique and fighting experience in the pack. He thought that being a veteran hunkswrestling wrestler he could give the new wrestler a good beating, but it seems that the norwegian  bodybuilder is simply playing with him as if he were a boytoy.
Jonathan may have been carried away by the stereotype of "bodybuilder = slow and clumsy", but he already learned the hard way not to get carried away by appearances.
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