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Steve Mason vs Ricardo Ramos

Welcoming this time the rookie Ricardo Ramos.

Steve's Blog
Greetings to all!
After several months I'm finally back on stage! Welcoming this time the rookie Ricardo Ramos.
Those who already know me already know that as a courtesy I always give a free initiation class to new students.
He came very imposing on his motorcycle, being a biker the only thing missing from the roster.
On this occasion I did not focus so much on the technical, but rather I wanted to abuse a little the tremendous physique that my new student had. It seemed like she was angry that he grabbed her balls and put his hand on her, but I couldn't resist. After showing him a very basic pair of keys, I got really excited about his gym-worked physique, but I couldn't allow him to disrespect me in the first class, so I tried to humiliate him as best I could, at the same time emerging an unexpected sexual tension.
It seems that Ricardo liked the world of wrestling, and we will surely see him challenging other fighters on the roster.
Take care of yourselves!
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