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Nacho vs Steve Mason

The Muay Thay boy returns

Steve's Blog
It's quite strange that I don't receive a new fighter, but after Jonathan Álvarez did the honor with two fights, now it's my turn.
I have to say that Nacho's highly polished technique in Muay Thai is impressive, especially his high kicks.
Perhaps a fight between strikers would have been interesting, but although we had a slight exchange of blows, we quickly moved on to grappling.
Nacho caught me so low that I was sick the days before, so he took the opportunity to experiment with me on his introduction to grappling, and I have to admit that he was not bad at it.
Even though Jonathan was the youngest fighter so far and I was the lightest, it could be said that Nacho would take the first position in both categories from now on at 70 kg at 19 years old.
Let's hope he continues to fight in the future against the heaviest guys in hunkswrestling!
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