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Jhon Rodriguez vs Steve Mason Oil wrestling

Rodriguez VS Steve Erotic Oil Wrestling

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Hello again! We return with another of my videos, this one in particular will be a little more spicy. After his first submission wrestling class, John was left wanting even more action.

Despite his inexperience in fighting, he was aware of my weaknesses, and in the end one thing led to another, with many crotch grabs included.
I must admit that I got carried away, and there came a point that I only wanted my inexperienced student to limit himself to giving pleasure to his coach, perhaps I would give him another free class if he did it well!
John has spectacular muscles, and sometimes it's hard to maintain professionalism when teaching the class, so for now I'm happy with pleasing his coach before the student surpasses the master!

If you stay until the end of the video you will see that he did a good job! It is not the most usual thing in me, but one is not made of stone!

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