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Hello to all wrestling addicts!

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Hello to all wrestling addicts!

I have seen that many of you have been quite surprised with the release of the month, a mixed fight between the hunk Iván Guerrero against a girl, Agatha.
She is one of my best friends, and also a disciple of mine in the struggle. Despite her inexperience, she asked me as a favor if I could try to arrange a wrestling match between her and Iván, and in the end it was possible.
Despite the inequality in terms of size, muscles and sex/gender, I gave Agatha some advice to catch Ivan off guard. As already seen in the video, Iván's weakness is that he boasts too much about his muscles and turns his back on his opponent on multiple occasions, which is perfect for attacking him in the sacred parts of him.
I am aware that this fight may not excite people who prefer to see two muscular hunks fighting, but in case you want to see the arrogant Ivan suffer like a pig and eat his words, I recommend giving it a chance.

However, as far as I know, the line of men's matches in hunkswrestling will be followed. The next release will star a new hunk I met in Norway, but who was interested in participating. Who will be the first lucky one to fight him? Stay tuned.


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