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DARK JR. returns

Dark JR returns to Spain

Dark JR returns to Spain, to Barcelona, after several years, and has promised us to shoot at least one new video for Hunkswrestling.
During the few days that he will be in town we must seize this opportunity, and we will!
Everyone here is expectant, waiting to find out if he arrives with a lot of strength, energy to fight, and if he will have trained a lot in the other part of the world.
We really want to see him again and we know that this is great news for the great number of followers and fans of him.
We've been waiting for so long that the Hunkswrestling boss has ensured that if it's done, he'll launch quickly, we might even be talking about taking over the next Hunkswrestling premiere!

Frame from HOT CHALLENGE 2 (2021) vs. Steve Mason


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