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Balls Squash - Jonathan vs Steve

Balls squash challenge

Steve's Blog - Squash challenge
Welcome to my monthly blog.
This month's video is very special. Although Jonathan and I have already fought several times, on this occasion I decided to invite him in a ring with the rules of pro wrestling, to which he accepted without hesitation.
By bringing him to my territory, he signed his death warrant in this fight! I decidedly gave him his due, Jonathan was very lost in the ring and I punished him as I should.
He had a "little lesson" in the techniques of pro wrestling, from the most classic holds such as full nelson or headscissors, to the dirtiest ones like some cheap shots. We couldn't forget the title of the video, right?
The truth is that it was a very fun session, I was able to handle a boy as sexy as a puppet to myself as I pleased.
I guess from now on he will learn to respect those of us who fight in the senior league.
But knowing his perseverance I'm sure he'll want to challenge me again in the future, you never know!
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